Friday, September 21, 2007

This Sunday at Buckhead Church

This coming Sunday will be an important day for our church. We begin a brand new series with Louie Giglio entitled Hope: When Life Hurts Most. I can't encourage you enough to bring your friends to church on Sunday, particularly those who have concluded there is no God because of the pain of tragedy and difficult circumstances.

The other reason it will be an important day is because of what we are doing in response to our last series, How To Be Rich. We are partnering with Army Chaplain Bryan Smith, who is stationed in Baghdad. Chaplain Smith is attempting to provide school supplies for 33 schools by October 1. We are asking you to bring some specific school supplies with you to church this Sunday. Please read Wednesday's blog entry for details. Let’s WOW Chaplain Smith and the 33 schools with our incredible generosity. After all, we’re rich.

Thank you for what you are doing as we attempt to share the news of Jesus from Buckhead to Baghdad. It’s an honor to serve alongside you.


Jeff Henderson
Campus Director

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