Wednesday, September 19, 2007

From Buckhead to Baghdad, Part 2

Okay, here’s our plan. We are providing school supplies for 30 schools in Baghdad. We are working with officials from the U.S. military. (For more information, check out Monday’s blog.)

We need the following supplies:

Lined paper
Spiral notebooks
Glue sticks

We’re asking you to bring these supplies with you to church this coming Sunday, September 23rd. There will be bins at all entrances and the information center for you to drop off the supplies.

To give you an idea of the need, here is an email from Army Chaplain Bryan Smith:
My name is Bryan Smith, I am an Army Chaplain stationed in a based in Baghdad. I recently went on patrol with my Soldiers and we visited two schools. They have no school supplies. No notebooks, paper, pens or pecils nothing. They didn't even have their text books yet. Their text books are kept in another part of Baghdad and the teachers go in that neighborhood and they don't know them…... I walked the streets and alleys of the Karhk District of Baghdad. The people are poor and have 40% unemployment….Our brigade has ordered backpacks and some school supplies. But it is not near enough. It is not even enough for our little area. There are 33 schools in our area. I have been tasked to figure out what supplies the schools need to open. School starts 1 Oct….. In Christ Jesus CH(CPT) Bryan Smith

More details will soon be on the way. In the meantime, please spread the news to your friends, family and small group.



Jeff Henderson
Campus Director

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