Monday, September 17, 2007

From Buckhead to Baghdad

Yesterday we closed out the four-part series, “How to be Rich.” This was a perspective-altering series for many of us. As one person told me after the 11 am service, “I think this series has changed my life. I’ll never view my resources the same way ever again.”

If you weren’t with us over the last four weeks, you really need to listen to the messages on-line.

Before we move on to the next series, I want us to wrestle with the tension of the following question: What are we going to DO?” Let’s not squander the momentum God has created over the last four weeks. Let’s do something. After all, we’re rich.

Yesterday at Buckhead, I mentioned an idea to that effect. My friend and fellow staff member Kendra Fleming is working on a project to provide school supplies to 30 schools in Baghdad. That’s right, Baghdad, as in Iraq. She was looking for some staff members to help contribute and then I thought of the thousands that attend Buckhead Church. What would happen if we came to the rescue?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out. We are asking each person or family to provide school supplies. We’re working through the details right now and will have more information on the blog tomorrow. In the meantime, discuss this with your small group, friends or family and think about what you can to do.

After all, we want to be a church that is rich in good deeds.



Jeff Henderson
Campus Director

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